Bungalow Brochure

Murphy Smith Bungalow

Visit the Laguna Beach Historical Society at the bungalow where volunteer docents will be happy to show you around the bungalow and see a little piece of Laguna Beach history.

The bungalow was built for the Murphy family in 1923.  It is listed in the city's historical inventory and is described as "a builder's bungalow with a box plan, multi-gabled roof and clapboard siding. Wide wood posts support the porch gable.  The main door has side light windows and French doors open onto the bedroom."

In 1935, Lottie Evaline Clapp, known as Eva, who owned a boarding house across the street, purchased the bungalow and later sold it to her daughter, Blanche Clapp.  During WWII, Blanche would rent out one of the bedrooms to service personnel and their wives.  She married in the early 1950s, becoming Blanche Clapp Smith.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith moved to Los Angeles, but returned to their Laguna Beach bungalow in 1953 when her Mr. Smith became ill.  Mrs. Smith was a familiar figure, often seen working in her garden and sweeping the porch and was known for her daily walks to Main Beach.  She lived in the house until her death in 1991 (born in 1901.)  The bungalow is now owned by Wells Fargo Bank, which generously leases it to the Laguna Beach Historical Society for a nominal amount.

Laguna Beach memorabilia is on display in the bungalow, which is decorated in the style of a 1920s beach cottage. 

Laguna Beach has a colorful and interesting history we would like to share with you- please come visit!

Murphy Smith Bungalow
278 Ocean Ave
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Open most Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 1PM to 4PM.