• NOVEMBER 7 — History of the Marriner Family: Marriner’s Stationery & Booksellers, by Mike and Harry Marriner

  • JUNE 11 –History of Aliso & Woods Canyons,,Laguna Coast Wilderness Parks, by Eric Jessen (no video available)

  • APRIL 25 – Laguna Canyon Project: Refining Artivisim, by the publishers & creators of the book









  • 1938 Laguna Beach news clips: FDR visit, Flood

  • NOVEMBER– Conversation with Arnold Hano

  • Surf's Way Up: Our Surf Musical Heritage, by Matt Quilter

  • History of Downtown Laguna Beach, by Gene Felder and Eric Jessen

  • St. Francis by the Sea Cathedral Chapel, by former Historical Society President Anne Frank and Bishop Percy Wise Clarkson's granddaughter Jessica De Stefano

  • Jahraus Family, by Linda Jahraus

  • New Photos Acquired by the Historical Society presented by Gene Felder and Eric Jessen


  • NOVEMBER– Laguna Beach Art Association: Its Perils and Pleasures by Richard Challis, Gene Crain. Moderated by Janet Blake

  • Architectural Modernism in Laguna Beach, by Ted Wells

  • View and Discuss Historic Laguna Beach Photographs from the Orange County Public Library

  • Early History of St. Mary's Episcopal Church, by Starr Helms

  • History of Laguna Beach

2009 and prior

  • 1994 Lifeguard Presentation

  • The History of Main Beach Park 40th Year Anniversary Window-to-the-Sea

  • Train Robber’s Daughter: The Melodramatic Life of Eva Evans, Laguna actress

  • Jack Norworth & Song “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” Laguna resident 1900

  • The Legend of Pancho Barnes, notorious Laguna aviatrix in 1930’s

  • History of Saving Laguna Canyon, originally only access to Laguna Beach

  • The 1993 Laguna wildfire, Lessons that Changed our Environment

  • Villa Rockledge, historic coast landmark

  • History of Laguna Art Museum, presented by Janet Blake

  • George Hurrell and Pancho Barnes, presented by Dr. Lou D’Elia

  • The Work of Photographer William Mortensen (introduced colorization to photography and focused the film industry on Laguna Beach), presented by Larry Lytle

  • History of Surfing and the Laguna Connection, presented by Dick Metz

  • Effects of Spanish Colonialism on Takic-Speaking Peoples, presented by Charles Quilter

  • View and Discuss Historic Images from the Tom Pulley Postcard Collection

  • Victoria Beach Tower & Norman House

  • Retrospective of Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts in Laguna Beach

  • Growing Up in Laguna During the Great Depression, presented by Peter Kaye

  • "Peanuts” George Larson, presented by author Craig Lockwood

  • 1992-MAY, Laguna's Pottery Industries in the 1940s, presented by Pauline Buzan

  • 1992-FEBRUARY, Life and Career of Madame Modjeska, presented by Ellen Lee

  • 1992-JANUARY, St. Francis By-The-Sea, American Catholic Church, presented by Anne Frank

  • 1991-NOVEMBER, The Thurston Connection, presented by Richard Ayotte

  • 1991-SEPTEMBER, Laguna Beach’s Archeological Heritage, presented by Nick Magalousis